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Rainbow at the chemistry building

Proof that someday, my doctorate will come!


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Spring break poem

I wrote this a few days ago:

A VERY original poem by Dave

Though poets forget they must die
And undergrads in meadows lie
Though newness springs up out of the ground
And children romp through grass unbrowned
Though I am not yet twenty-seven
I cannot breathe this earthly heaven

Though March has come in like a lamb
Tomorrow’s my doctoral exam
Though all is green and fresh and free
Tuesday brings Inorganic Chemistry!
When I can pick a four-leafed clover
With tests all done, Spring will be over!

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Winter chill

Just when we were enjoying 70 degree weather, the cold comes back with a vengeance!

This is the second day of cancelled class.  I have nowhere to go!  A thick layer of ice covers everything.  I’ve stayed at home studying and programming (until the server broke).

I got scratched by a dog last week.  It is most annoying.  It had a leash on but the owner wasn’t holding it.  She ran away as soon as she saw what was happening.  People these days take no responsibility for their actions!  I am still kind of upset and it still kind of hurts.

But my new place seems great.  The little old lady roommate is gone in Mexico, so I have everything to myself.  I just look forward to warmer weather!

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Another life update

February is now over half done (it is a short month!)!  It has been good so far.  I moved to another place closer to campus.  It’s with a little old lady who travels most of the time, so I basically get the place to myself!  It is quite relaxing and I can put up with all her grandchild pictures.

I’ve taken four of my doctoral exams.  Not sure how the fourth one went, but the fifth one should come soon.

Still teaching in the same old lab, letting students print!  I’ll try to update more in the next few days.

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A brief update

It has been a long long time since I’ve blogged!

The semester is going well.  I’ve passed 3 of 3 of my doctoral candidacy exams so far.  I take one class which I like.  I’m still in the computational chemistry lab.

My research database is where it needs to be at.  I’ve accomplished a lot, and I’m applying for an internship in both Toronto and Colorado.

The weather fluctuates a lot.  I did a bike ride last Saturday, but now it’s colder again!

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The Atlanta House

This break was my first time to Atlanta – even further, it was my first visit to the southeast.  And it was the first time to see my parents’ new, non-agrarian, regular upper-middle class suburban dwelling.  The view of the meandering, artificial creek in the back yard was pleasing:


So was the pool, which must be great fun in hot southern summer days:


The backyard is very small and requires no tractor.  The house is very tall:


The front is about what you’d expect from a smaller McMansion:


The inside is nice.  The ceiling in particular is very high and makes the Christmas tree look tiny:


My mother sits in the kitchen, separated by a faux colonnade of stone pillars:


It is a very odd feeling to be at home without a ton of yard work to do or a giant list of house maintenance projects (although I’ve already done some).  But it is a nice way to spend a week every now and then.

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Southeastern Railway Museum

It’s not a vacation without at least on train museum, is it?  And the day before my birthday, I took my brothers to the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, GA.  This was the first standard-gauge museum I’ve ever been to without a single piece of Union Pacific rolling stock;


We rode behind this rather impressive Geep.  We also squeezed into the park train and rode the narrow gauge:


It was actually pulled behind a scale locomotive:pic3

I sat in a caboose and watched some Norfolk Southern freight pass before my eyes:pic4

My brother got to “drive” a steam engine:pic5

They had a Heisler steam engine there too.  I had never seen one and was amazed to see a geared steam engine on this side of the country, with its two huge cylinders on the side that formed a “V”:


Even Walker looked small compared against the drivers of a conventional steam locomotive:


It was a great day!

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